Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mountains and mountains of earrings

What a start to the week!
An epic 9 hour bushwalk - with stops (I did have an hour rest in the middle).
It was to a remote part of the Blue Mountains into a wilderness area, so no tracks or sign posts although there is a faint foot track most of the way.
But you are rewarded with this view at the end!

And this view -

The next day, just to loosen my aching legs up a bit - haha! - I went for a bike ride along the lovely bike path at Wollongong.
It was very cool and windy - doesnt really look that bad here -

but I had to pedal like crazy all the way back even on the downhills!

Then I got on a creating roll and made a mountain of earrings using some of my favorite beads, these lampwork glass beads from the Czech Republic.

I actually made double this amount - some will be going to The Nook Leura and the rest I'll keep for my etsy shop and my market stalls.

How was your week?
Have you been creating?
Or been on any crazy, madcap adventures?

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