Thursday, April 19, 2012

Getting organised! 0r 3 into 2 WILL go!

My problem is that my creative space is just too big!
Why is that a problem you might ask?
And I realise it might be hard to understand for you creative types who work on the dining room table, or in a tiny corner of the room, but the more space I have the more messy and disorganised I am.

I now have 3 - yes, THREE - rooms at my disposal!
This is what happens when you become an empty-nester!

My original workroom is overflowing with my beady supplies (which, again, might be hard to understand for you non-beady peeps) - but I have a LOT of beads and other associated paraphernalia.
That room also stores my market stuff - tables, gazebo, display stands etc.

When my daughter moved out, her room became my sewing room and tshirt storage room. That is not too hard to keep in check because she comes bcak home often enough that I have to keep it reasonably tidy.

When my son moved out I moved my papery stuff in there as he left his rather large desk and shelves in his room (plus sundry other junk).

So now the plan is to tidy this up -

move this desk from workroom #1 into workroom #2.

Then all the tshirt stuf can also move into room #3 and workroom #2 will become guest room!

Have you followed all that?
good! Then you can come right on over and give me a hand!

Hopefully it will get done this weekend and I'll be able to show you pics next week.

How is your creative space this week?
Pop on over here if you'd like to share or peep at other creative spaces.


Barbara1923 said...

Iv been visiting such cool blogs today. I love handiwork so im absolutely jealous that you made such beautiful beads, lol.

dkshopgirl said...

well... firstly i'm jealous you are now an 'empty nester'... my studio is super tiny and i'm forever trying to keep it clean, so looks like a good things i DON'T have as much room as you, otherwise i'd be constantly cleaning! good luck with it all!!! can't wait to see new pics. x

Marianne said...

Sounds like you are making excellent use of your empty nest! Lovely blog

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