Wednesday, August 21, 2013

August Moon 2013 Day 1

I'm joining in with August moon 2013 which is being hosted over on I saw You Dancing by Kat and Meredith.
From today up to the end of the month we'll be reflecting  on the year as it has been and maybe more (I'm not sure yet, they have yet to reveal all!)

Today, the first day we ask ourselves -

This year I have been trying to slow down a bit, ease back on some passions and take a back seat sometimes.

I am trying to stay fit and healthy.
My underachieving thyroid is not being very cooperative and sometimes I feel awful, just awful.
Some days I feel great though.

Have I kept my intentions? Well.....yes....and no!

I have really eased up on doing markets, I am trying to take a back seat in my craft co-op (mostly successfully) and I have my jewellery in a couple of other local outlets.

As for looking after myself - I go to yoga once a week, I try and get out for a walk or bike ride most days and I have started the fast diet.

That's about all!

I f you would like to join in with August Moon 2013 pop on over to I Saw you Dancing.

1 comment:

Kat McNally said...

Good on you for looking after yourself, Tess! There's no intention more important.
So gratefl to you for sharing your blue moon musings. xx

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