Saturday, August 10, 2013

I go for a bikeride while waiting for my car to be serviced

 ...and on the way I saw -
a buddist temple

and all sorts of birds.

Hey, what are you two eating?


More urban architecure -

and a shopping trolley graveyard -

Also some lovely waterways, reclaimed from old sand pits -

Very popular with some birds -

There's also a beach -
A beach?

There are some other surprises!

Wrong way! Go back!

Across rivers -

Hello! What are you doing?

Who? me?

This little family group crossed my path and took a bit of stalking to get a photo - those little tackers can more fast!

Lots of these stunning red flowering trees - the rosellas loved then too (but they wouldn't let me get a photo)

1 comment:

EarthAppleJane said...

What an adventure you had Tess! I love your cockatoo photos, and that family with chicks are so gorgeous! Not so keen on the shopping trolley graveyard though:)

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