Sunday, August 11, 2013

Jewellery storage - 7 things

I may be just a little obsessed with jewellery storage - I wonder why?!

There are so many fabulous creative ideas out there, beautiful decorative creations, works of art and simply gorgeous home decor ideas.

What is your favorite way of storing your jewellery?

Not in a heap on your dresser I hope!?

Are you a traditional jewellery box type of person?
Like this beautiful box crafted by vermontwoodnart using the most beautiful woods - it's truly an heirloom piece.

walnut box by vermontwoodnart
I'm quite liking the idea of this re-purposed medicine cabinet - it will hold a lot of jewellery and more besides and then you can close the door and everything is neatly out of sight.
Check out NanandPopsAttic for more styles of jewellery organisers.

cabinet by NanandPopsAttic
I may have said this before but I have a few of these old printers drawers - I use mine for displaying my goods at markets, but look what BlackForestCottage has done!
Soooo much fabulous storage! And so well thought out.
You can really make a wonderful display on your wall with this one.

printers drawer storage by BlackForestCottage
Another wall display - this one is somewhat more rustic, but it does have a built-in light and they go the whole re-purposed road with hooks make from old forks and railroad nails.
Certainly would be a talking point!

wall organiser by RusticCreek
I have to include a ceramic option.
If you don't have a lot of necklaces and bracelets this is just perfect for your rings and you could pop a few pairs of earrings in the tray.
I love the crackle glaze in the bottom.

ceramic ring holder by ClayRoadStudios
This little number is a bit similar to my own earrings holder - but this has got extra assets!
It has knobs on the side for your necklaces and little hollows in the bottom for other bits and pieces - plus it rotates! What more could you ask for?

earring organiser by vermontwoodnart
This one is very stylish - and it holds 52 pairs of earrings!
You can also hang your necklaces and bracelets - and it has a shelf.

jewellery storage by ImproveResults

So much choice!
Which one would you chose?

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