Saturday, August 24, 2013

Words as traveling companions. August Moon 2013

Kat asked:

What word did you choose as your travelling companion in 2013? How is it working for you? Where have the surprises been?
If you didn’t choose a guiding word, what word sums up your year so far? And why? 

Mark Twain by saltylyon

I think my word might be "dream".
What am I dreaming about? Why - exploring and discovering of course.

Parts of the dream realised so far - 
Some land to build a house.
A caravan for travelling and also to live in while we build the above.
A car to tow the darn thing.
Some house plans almost finalised....

More will be revealed! haha, so sneaky and cryptic. 

Joining in with Kat and Meredith at August Moon 2013.

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