Saturday, December 14, 2013

7 things - yearly planners

I an attempt to be more organised next year I wondered if maybe I need a yearly planner?
OK, I already have a diary and I usually have at least 2 calendars, but a yearly planner has the advantage of being able to look at the bigger picture - indeed looking at the whole year at once.
What do you think?
Do you use a yearly planner?

How about one of these?

This one is nice and clear and has some fun and inspirational quotes on too.
by doodlelove
You gotta love printables!
This looks like a very organised planner - not one one sheet but in one folder.
It could really change your life.

by OrganiseWhimsy
More on the traditional diary lines - but so much smarter.
And I love the photo styling.

by ToodlesNoodles
A great one for you sewing peeps put there!

by designbirdie
So much more than just a yearly planner - cash flow manager, and menu planner as well!
And it comes as a digital down load.
So much convenience.

by ArtyCreativa
Ooooo! Maybe I need this bloggers planner!

by wineandmeeples
Actually this could quite possibly be the most useful on of all!
A declutter planner - yes!

by C3Ldesign

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