Sunday, December 15, 2013

Where I've been - Narrabeen Lakes christmas market.

This is where I was on Saturday -

At Narrabeen Lakes Christmas Festival.
It's a great location, in the park that runs right next to the lake.

I met some lovely new people who have some gorgeous creations.

The vibrant photography of Maria Vantsos immediately caught my eye, particularly as we seem to have a shared interest in doors and windows, jewel-coloured houses and jewelled oceans - lovely, just lovely.
Maria was still setting up her stall when I lobbed by but you can see more of her work and her newest collection "A little gypsy in my soul" on her website, but be careful viewing of it may cause you to want to travel!

Not far away was Tim Rutten with his wooden candle holders.
I love the natural rustic woodiness of Tim's creations.

Tim is a native of the Northern (Sydney) beaches so you may find him at a market or two up that way.

And look! Here is the lovely Libby Watkins!
Her highly original work instantly attracted my attention.

Libby is an artist and designer who obviously takes a lot of her inspiration from the northern beaches near her home - fins, surf, and oh, the colours!

You can find out more about Libby and her work on her (fabulous) website.

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Little Gypsy in My Soul said...

Thanks for your post - it is great to get some detailed independent reviews of what's available!

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