Friday, December 13, 2013

Meet some of my crafty friends

It seems I know a lot of jewellers, so instead of just focusing on one today I'll introduce you to several of my jewels of friends.

I've known Mandy of Beads Me for a few years now. We first met through DUST which is a team of Australian sellers on etsy.
We are almost neighbours as well!
Mandy's range has really expanded over the years - from beadyness, to glass jewellery and now photography.
She is one talented lady.

beach grass pendant by BeadsMe

I'm a huge fan of David Loong's quirky metal pendants.
David is another Blue Mountains resident and used to be a member of the craft co-operative The Nook Leura.
You can still find his work in his etsy shop.

apple core by David Loong

Rachel is the creative behind rmdjewelleryjewellery, .
Rachel's work has also evolved over the years I have known her and I just love her modern silver designs with a splash of colour.

red resin and silver earrings by rmdjewellery

Alison of My Red Scooter is on a journey too!
She has travelled from fabric accessories to her newest venture - colourful resin jewellery.

stacking resin bangles by My Red Scooter

Mel is someone I also met through the DUST team on etsy.
She is one talented lady!
If you have a look at her etsy shop you will see the breadth of her work - and she makes some pretty awesome silver jewellery.

By the Rivers of Babylon bracelet by wiccked
Why don't you go on a little journey and pay them all a visit?
Have a lovely weekend.

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Beadsme said...

Thank you Tess. I must say a bunch of crafty friends you have LOL.

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