Monday, December 23, 2013

More random acts of craftiness

It seems to be a very creative time of year and I'm so enjoying seeing what others are up to.
There are too many fab things not to share some of them...

I wish I'd seen this word search tea towel earlier.
I know just the person for it!

on ruffled blog
 This coconut lime sugar scrub looks delicious.
I assume it's a facial/body scrub?
Has anyone tried it?

from the idea room
 Here's something else I could do.
I've got jars and I've got those flat glass just stick them on.
That's really pretty.

found on pinterest

And talking of glass containers...

from the ornamentgirl
....and I'm pretty sure I'd have some beads to put in there!

Now this is a natty little gift idea - I like!
Hot chocolate spoons - imagine the flavour possibilites.

from a beautiful mess

Now after all that hard work you can kick back with a nice refreshing cocktail!
Cucumber Collins - how cool does that sound?

from bluemountaindaisy

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