Thursday, January 1, 2009

New year's resolutions

It's a bit of a cliche really, the new year's resolutions. But it is a time for reflection, renewal, and goal setting.
A new year - a new number to remember to write when you are writing the date on something.
A time to reflect on successes and failures of the last 12 months.
What do we want to acheive in the year ahead?
What to change?
What to have more of, or less?
A fresh start -
This year I want more -
time for myself
to get more exercise
to spend more time with friends
to get out and explore the bush

I want to read more
and watch more movies

I want to spend less time on the computer
I want to waste less time, by working more efficiently.
- to blog more regularly.
- to create fabulous jewellery that people will want to buy.
- to sell some tshirts for A.
- to use some of the stuff in my workroom.
- to finish some of the UFO' s around the place.

I plan to revamp my market set up
- get new tableclothes.
- get a banner
- make the display more attractive.
- find a really good regular market (ha!)

I aim to hug my kids and husband every day.
Help a stranger every day.
and pay a compliment to everyone I meet.

Am I expecting too much of myself?
How will I go with my little plans?
- Watch this space -


lyptis said...

No its great to have plans! Nice resolutions!:)

clichee? maybe, but i think everyone wants to change or improve some things in their lifes and the new year is always also a new beginning!

ur resolutions sound pretty chilled out, so u shudnt have too many probs keeping most of them!
Good Luck to u!:)

Chrisy said...

Well this all sounds wonderful...and even if you only focus on a few of the items...the most important to you....what a year it will be! Thanks for sharin...

Veronika said...

Hello. I hope you will have a lovely new year and will be able to keep at least some of your new years resolutions. And I just wanted to say-it seems like you had a good new years party :)

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