Sunday, March 1, 2009

My new shop

As with most people who busy themselves with craft activities, I have accumulated a lot of 'stuff' over the years.

Some 'stuff' is the result of over zealous buying (I like to buy in bulk - it's cheaper).
Other times I buy something I love but cant really find a use for it.

I have boxes of these gold-edged thick cardboard ovals.
I have used them for jewellery display and a friend used some as a base for paper tole - but I have got far more than I will ever use in 10 lifetimes!

I have also got a box full of rectangles made of the same card.

Some things turn out to be less useful than I thought.

These flexible bracelet stands, for example.

They have lots of advantages - they are clear, they pack flat, they are light and they were relatively inexpensive - so I bought lots!
Unfortunaley they do not work well with woven or strung bracelets, as they dont stay bent in a curved shape and push the beadwork out flat.

However they are excellent for metal or resin bracelets - so take note all you metalsmiths out there!

I also have some ring-sized stands.

Some things you just hang onto in the hope that you will one day use them.

I love these double-drilled black and white banded agate pieces.
But when I designed a necklace with them it turned out too 'fancy' and not really my sort of thing at all.

After sighing over them for several years it is time to let them go to a new home - someone will make something lovely out of them.

I also always buy jewellery findings in bulk (cheaper - but probably false economy if I don't use them).

I have these and more listed in my destash shop - planetdebris.
- the things that are left over -

So be sure to check out planetdebris as I will be regularly listing more destash items.


Chrisy said...

This store will go really well I think...etsians always want supplies and urs are interesting ones...just going to email a friend about the oval thingos...

Tins and Treasures said...

Wow, you started your new shop and had sales almost right away! Congratulations. I have actually been thinking about opening a 2nd shop to sell my excess will have to let me know if you like having two places.

Kathleen said...

I am such a magpie, I love trinkets and sparkly things ... I will have to check out your new shop!

magikquilter said...

congratulations on the shop and sales...will keep my eyes peeled for stuff i need that you no longer need

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