Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday treasuries

How to curate a treasury?
How to choose what to put in?
Where to start?

There are various strategies to collecting your pics,
and I think this week's treasuries show some of them.

Natalia of realisationcreations tapped into her mood to bring this one to life.
She is a very talented treasury curator and always seems to find the most amazing pics to fit her theme.
This one - apart from being totally beautiful (and featuring my san juan fiesta necklace) - has the colours of a sunrise.
Now isnt that clever?!

I have to admit to a great admiration for Natalia and her lovely jewellery.
This necklace, Kadinsky's circles is my favorite, because it's a bit geometric and edgy.
Please visit realisationcreations and marvel at her work.

Another tactic is to choose an item, and make your treasury around that.
for instance in the past I have done chickens, because I love chooks.

Artdecadence choose cats, but found some unusual ways of expressing the theme.
Not all traditional cats and the title reflects the unusual aspects.

I'm thrilled she thought my ginger cat earrings were worthy of inclusion.

Artdecadence is a fabulous shop full of variety and chrisy is a very talented artist, working in many mediums.
This canvas has always been a favorite of mine.

Sometimes the easiest way to decide is to pick a colour and then you can search for that colour.

This soothing collection by michvanetta is deceptively simple but has a very subtle colour scheme.
I was so happy to see my sneakin up on you earrings were a part of it.

Mich makes jewellery with clean, simple lines and takes the most awesome photos.

It's hard to go past these turquoise and brass earrings, it's a great colour combination and the design is so strong.
I love them!

Please visit michvanetta - you wont be disappointed.

Members of etsy street teams often showcase other members of their team.
As in the case of Australian beauty by getfunked.
Her featured items are all from the Australian street team - DUST (down under street team).

and - yay! she popped in our cupcake tshirt.
Thanks Robyn!

Robyn helped me with my with my new shop banner and avatar.
I must say I was very drawn to this design, but she has lots more and will do custom ones for you in her getfunked shop.

If your shop, or blog, or twitter page needs a facelift talk to robyn.

What did I do this week?

Well first of all I was inspires by someting grey and red that I saw, but then couldnt find again!
Undetered I used that colour scheme and selected what I considered to be amazing photos.

Then I wanted to promote the wonderful DUST team and our March promotion - which has the theme - green dreams.

Please visit the dust team March sale and grab yourself a bargain!

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AnastasiaC said...

gorgeous treasuries! i should learn how to save them too - it would be nice to look back...

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