Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Works in progress

Do you love to learn?
Do you look for new techniques and ideas?
Where do you find new inspiration?

I do a lot of stringing in my creating, but I do love the rythmic repetition of beadweaving.
It takes forever, kind of like knitting, but it is strangely meditive.
It is also portable.
If you are going somewhere for the day you can take a small project of beadweaving with you.
Just a few beads, needle and thread.

I have been making these little peyote stitch tubes with some of the japanese cylinder beads I bought at the craft show.

These will become something I found in Beadwork magazine.
- hopefully!

Beadwork magazine is just one of the beading magazines I subscribe to.
Even if I never make anything from them, they are gorgeous to look at, have heaps of inspiration.
Great ideas about colour and trends and the best instructions for new techniques.

I'm in love with beaded triangles, so I was thrilled to see instructions for these hollow triangles in a recent Beadwork.
Phyllis Dintenfass generously shared her design for reversible earrings.
It looks hard, but Phyllis's instructions made it simple!

I made mine in green and gold - not sure what I'll do with them yet.
I'm already hatching a plan to make some linked ones!

Lastly here is something that has been on the go for a few weeks.
I keep picking it up doing a few rows and putting it away again.

I think it is looking a bit plain in the centre, so will have to work on it a bit more. Add some embellishment, feature beads or raised up bits.
The beauty of freeform is that you can do whatever you want, the beads just take you where they want to go.

Magazines I subscribe to -
Bead and Button

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