Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday treasuries

I'm finally getting back into the swing of things after our holiday.
It's taken a while and one of the things I've been neglecting is treasuries.

So last week I checked and I'd been included in three!

Many thanks to artish for picking my antarctic artifacts necklace amongst other lovely Aussie sellers.

Artish is an amazing knitter and I just spotted this cowl/head wrap.
How colourful and soft looking.

I just love the colour choices in this treasury by getfunked.

I was so happy to see my venice lagoon earrings with these other gorgeous creations.

Robyne of getfunked is multi-talented, and some of her newest listings are digital collage sheets.

I love all things japanese and so I was instantly drawn to this wonderful collage.

Finally earlybirdcreations put together another great selection af very talented aussie artist and I feel so honoured to have my poppy fields earrings amongst them.

Earlybirdscreations makes fabulous, bright jewellery using resin beads.
How much fun is this purple, orange and blue resin necklace?

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