Sunday, July 11, 2010

7 things I have never done

another 7 things sunday post!

1. Watched Oprah, and now I hear her show is finishing, so maybe I never will.

2. Learned to crochet - but I suspect I'm not the only one.

Now before all you crochet experts say anything, I dont have anything against crochet, I think it can be amazingly beautiful and versatile - I just dont want to go there.

3. Been on a cruise. I think you are either a cruisey person or you aren't.

I aren't.

4. Owned a dog. I was quite keen a few years ago, before marriage and kids, for company I guess. The dog I wanted was this -

an Hungarian Puli.

but I didnt.
and I guess I never will. I'm really a cat person after all.

5. Participated in a competitive race. I dont run, walk, cycle, swim competitively. We never had athletics at school or out of school. I have walked in fun runs (the ones you are allowed to run in).

The closest I came was at the kid's infant's school when i tried the mum's sack race - but I fell over! Does that count? I dont think so, therefore I maintain I have never 'raced'.

6. Learned to roller blade.

I always wanted to when the kids were younger and had rollerblades, but I didn't and now that I have had one fractured ankle, I dont suppose I ever will learn.

7. Tightrope walked!

But then who has?

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