Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday's treasuries

Thanks to all the wonerful people who have included by goods in their treasuries this week.

Deb of dspdavey was kind enough to put me in two!
This one includes some beads from my destash shop planetdebris.

And this one a brooch by BoosTees.

I love the way Deb has co-ordinated her wardrobe treasury.
These sweet earrings designed by Deb would go so well in her collection.

Hello again to Sharon Clancy!!
Arent these just the most beautiful colurs?

Look what I found in Sharon's shop -

I love it!

What a great theme in this treasury by jessicalynneart.
I love it 'cus I really am still a Brit!

Jessica has a shop full of pug accessories.
This is just so adorable!
I wonder if the cat would wear it??

rainbow bright dog hat by jessicalynneart

and one from me to co-ordinate with yesterday's mad monday post!

See ya next week ; )

1 comment:

Deb - Two Cheeky Monkeys said...

Thanks for the mention Tess! Love your support and encouragement.

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