Saturday, July 10, 2010

To market, to market -

Another one of my irregular posts about markets.

It's a bit of a quiet time market-wise at this time of year.
A perfect time to do some planning for the coming spring festival season.

So what do you do with your 'down time'?

Apart from ordering more supplies and building your stock up?
Well every year I tell myself I'm going to do that - but.....well maybe I will this year!

Maybe your stall needs a revamp?
I know mine does!

These things are on my to-do list

- get some new table cloths
- get a new display for earrings
- make my display more on eye level

I've been looking at what other people do with tables cloths.
My friend Chris recommends that crinkly velvet stuff, because it doesnt need ironing.

I like to use a pale neutral colour to display my jewellery on, as the glass beads show up well against a light background. However a light colour is more likely to show the dirt (and coffee, icecream, hot dog stains! - you name it, it's been spilled on my stall!)
so a fabric which washes easily.

Here is some inspiraton from flickr groups Arts & Cratfs Fairs & Shows and Show Me your Booths

I just love this earring display by AdornedbyRobin!

Do you have any suggestions?
What do you use to cover your tables?
What do you think looks nice?

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innerearthsoaps said...

I try to use my downtime to build my stock levels and improve various things ... like my packaging, or yes my market stall! I use muslin for tablecloths which I think has a nice natural feel for my products. Have fun!

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