Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wednesday wishlist

um, bit late! What can I say?


Here are a few things I covet from my favorites.

I do have a 'thing' about fingerless mitts, armwarmers, wrist warmers - call them what you will.
There are many things to love about these particular ones by BlueKimonoStudio.

1. the bright colours
2. stripes make me smile
3. reusing, recycling
4. the look warm
5. they look soft
6. it's a great product photo.

A market friend of mine Brooke from Trove is sadly closing down her shop and has reduced prices.
I'm so tempted by these earrings, sooooooooooooo tempted.
She also had lovely pendants and necklaces. Have a look before they all go!

Lastly I spotted this new seller and am in lurve!

petitbirdsings has the cutest artwork and I couldnt decide, but this selection of four mini works is irrresistable.
Which one would you choose?

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