Thursday, March 3, 2011

My creative space

Today I had an unscheduled day playing shops at the craft co-operative that I belong to.
How it works is that we take it in turns to man (or woman) the shop, which is open every day.
But todays rostered person had an appointment and asked if I could swap.
That's one of the things that is so good about the co-op, we all help each other out.

So I grabbed a couple of boxes of beads so that I'd have something to do between customers. In fact customers like to see when we are creating and I always get comments about "all those tiny beads"!

This is a spirtal roe bracelet using 7 different shapes and colours of czech and japanese beads from size 11 up to 4mm cubes.
Did I tell you already how much I love cubes?
Remind me to show you what I made last time.

I also have to show you my newly organised workspace but it's not quite ready yet!
Maybe next week ; )

If you would like to take peek at other creative spaces pop over to Kirsty's blog at Kootoyoo


Lexie said...

Those beads will make a gorgeous bracelet! Your blog has such stunning stuff...going back now to look around some more :)

Michelle said...

oh those greeny blueish cubes look so pretty!

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