Thursday, March 10, 2011

Giveaway - Bespoke!

Would you like to win a copy of *bespoke*?

What is *bespoke* you ask?

Well it's sweet little full-colour Australian print zine (also available in digital download form!), published by Jessica Van Den (the blogger behind Issue 2 of *bespoke* features a huge array of Aussie and international crafty types.

Issue 2 includes articles such as:
- vintage crafts - rag ruggin'
- how to find your vintage era
- a tutorial on how to carve a sweet birdie stamp
- the stories of 3 women who gave up corporate careers to launch thriving creative businesses
- thrive - an interview with a crafty lady making a full-time living from her upcycled kimono jewellery
- and lots more :)

Issue 1 had a print run of 500 copies, which all sold out, and issue 2 has a limited run of only 1,000. Oh - and *bespoke* is written totally by the community, for the community - Jess is always on the lookout for submissions from artists, photographers, handmade and vintage biz owners etc.

How to enter - leave a comment here mentioning *bespoke* and I'll pop your name in the draw.

I'll draw the winner next wednesday.


Digital Misfit said...

Even the covers of Bespoke are fabulous! I would love a copy.

va said...

like the illustrated book cover of Bespoke .
tumblemumbo at

Ruby Tombstone said...

OMG. "Bespoke" looks fab! I'd be really keen to read that vintage article. I'm always on the lookout for new resources in that area. Love the cover too.

Cindy Caraway said...

Just visited the "bespoke" site! Looks like a fun publication (which is surely evident from the fabulous cover art!!). I hope you pick me! :)

Michelle said...

my bespoke issue 1 would be lonely without bespoke issue 2! another stunning cover i see!

Stella Peterson said...

Hi Tess,

Hope I'm not too late to go in the draw! The cover alone blows me away, would love to win!

Lovely blog makeover, by the way.


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