Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Earrings - how to.

As I said yesterday when I first started making earrings I didnt have any of the right equipment. I raided hubby's tool box and made the most awful looking loops on my earrings! - using any old pliers.

Making lovely round loops takes a bit of practice - like most things, but it also requires the right tools!

Here are the tools I use now for my earrings -

1. Small wire cutters
2. Flat nosed pliers
3. Round nosed pliers.

The round ones are most important!
These are how I make things round!

To make a simple pair of earrings you need -

2 beads
2 head pins
2 earwires

Step 1. thread your bead on the head pin.

Step 2. Using wire cutters cut off the head pin so that about 1cm is protruding above the bead.

Step 3. Using flat nosed pliers grip the head pin right above the bead.

Step 4. I now push the head pin over at right angles with my fingers.

Step 5. Using the round nosed pliers grip the end of the head pin.

Step 6. Now this is the bit that takes a bit of practise.
Still gripping the pin roll the pliers so that you are forming a circle, using the roundness of the pliers to shape it.

Keep rolling until it joins up in a loop.

Step 7. Now ease the loop open slightly and insert the earwire. Close loop again.

Step 8. Repeat for 2nd earring.
Congratulations - you now have a pair of earrings.


nelolori said...

Lovely! Beautifully shot and explained Tess!

PoetessWug said...

'Easy Peasy'!!...yeah right!! LOL I'm learning to be better at this myself. I'm hoping that practice makes perfect...eventually! :-)

Chrisy said...

...somehow think that my bending wouldn't be quite as neat as yours girl!

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