Friday, August 24, 2012

Walking again and making again

Who could resist getting outdoors when the weather looks like this? -

It's native flower time here in the beautiful Blue Mountains - 

I'm still getting used to my new camera and struggling with the macro shots.

Testing my camera in a low light situation here - these steps, which have been carved out of the rock lead to a another spectacular lookout over the Jamieson Valley.

Then on to Princes Rock lookout which has the best ever view of Wentworth Falls -

My camera struggled with the heavy light/shadow contrast, but did great with the zoom!
These people, below, are in the shot above, on the far righthand side. Can you see them?

But life can't be all fun and bushwalks - can it?

Let's get ready for all those spring markets and festivals.
I made a whole stack of these colourful rainbow and fusion malachite bracelets.

and some earrings to go with them.

Speaking of stacks - stacking bracelets are popular this year. I made some faux stacking bracelets on memory wire - so easy to slip on and they fit any size wrist.

Are you getting ready for spring?

1 comment:

EarthAppleJane said...

Great zoom indeed Tess! I have just got a new camera too, bought for me by my lovely children for my recent and significant birthday. Cameras nowadays do so much don't they, but there is so much to get your head around. Love these photos from the Blue Mountains. Cheers Jane

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