Monday, September 10, 2012

Learning something new or finding inspiration

Where do you go when you want to extend yourself or learn a new skill or technique?

Some people take classes.
Others may find the answers to their questions in on-line tutorials.

Me? I subscribe to beading magazines.
This is how I've learned (almost) everything I know about beads, beading and beadwork in the 16 years that I've been playing with beads.

Bead and Button was my first infatuation, and I have copies going back about 1998 I think.
I've kept them all of course but it's almost impossible for me to find anything in the very old copies.

I can't remember when I first discovered Beadwork, but I used to just buy it occasionally from the newsagent until I finally succumbed to a subscription.

Both these mags are bi-monthly and conveniently arrive in my letterbox on different months, so spreading out the beady joy.

They have both also had babies - with an emphasis on quicker stringing design rather intricate beadwork ideas.

And, yes, I found their charms irresistible too!

I love all these for different reasons, and they all have great "how-to" sections as well as general information, trends etc and always check out the advertisers for supplies.
Mostly the projects are submitted by contributors and tested by the magazine's team, so you know they are going to work for you.

Do you buy magazines for your craft?
Do you subscribe as I do?
Where else to you get tutorials and instruction?
Ideas and inspiration?

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