Monday, September 3, 2012

Jewellery club - trying something new.

I love earrings and I love making earrings!
Have I said that before?


So I have decided to launch planettreasures jewellery club, as a service to my lovely customers and a fun way to shop.

How it works is you buy a subscription and then every month I send out a handmade, unique item of jewellery.
Imagine the excitement when your monthly little package arrives! It will be such a sweet surprise!

It's also a great thing to give as a gift - a very thoughtful gift for the lucky recipient. I can send the earrings directly to the recipient with your special greeting if you like.

First of all I have listed a 3 month earring subscription.
You will receive a sparkling pair of earrings every month for 3 months, sent out on the same day of the month.
They will be created from my best czech glass, venetian glass, handmade glass, or gemstone beads.

Next up will be ? - what do you think?
Bracelets, necklaces?

Interested? Pop on over to my etsy shop and drop a 3 month subscription in your cart.

And as a special celebration I'm giving away a 3 month subscription to the 250th customer of my etsy shop.
Now that's not bad is it?

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