Tuesday, September 4, 2012

On my reading table

Joining a book club has been so good for my reading!
Apart from the monthly books we chose to read, it has given my reading a big boost.

I am getting through the big pile of books on my reading table (actually I don't have a reading table - the books are piled up net to my bed!)

This is the book we are reading in bookclub this month.
And after only one chapter I'm hooked!
Apparently it's a true story but reads like a novel.
Have you read it? What did you think?
It was also made into a movie with Kevin Spacey and Jack Thompson. I didn't see it, but would be interested in getting the dvd if it's still available.

Last month we read The Sense of an ending by Julian Barnes.
I really enjoyed this - I got drawn into it so that I couldn't put it down as the pages progressed.
It's a slim volume ans some in the bookclub finished it in a couple of hours!
I'm not such a fast reader - in fact I'm a very slow reader.

And while I'm here I'll introduce you to the book we read the month before -

I had already read Past the Shallows, but it was good to read it again as I found I noticed other things about the story and enjoyed the scene setting - the story takes place in the backwaters of Tasmania and it's a very picturesque part of the world.

In between the bookclub reading I managed to fit in one of my own!

I heard Geoff Dyer read a hilarious excerpt from it at the Sydney Writer's Festival earlier this year - about queuing (or not) in India and having just been to India I could really relate to this!
Also I have aspirations to go to Venice next year, where the first part of this book is set.
It's a curious book, split into 2 quite different halves, quite interesting and easy to read......but I'm not sure I totally got the point of the stories.

Anyhoo - off I go, back to the depths of the deep south of the US and the story of the garden of good and evil.

What are you reading at the moment?
Do you have any suggestions for our bookclub?
Do you belong to a bookclub?


Malea said...

I loved "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" - the book, not the movie. The movie was just so-so, and so much was left out (as usual in book to movie adaptations). That is one of my favorite books. I've not heard of the others in your post - adding them to my reading list. At the moment I am reading "It Happened on the Way to War" by Rye Barcoft, and I just finished "Along the Way" by Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez. "Along the Way" was soooooo good, and it is much more than movie stars writing about their movie star lives. It is about the bond between a parent and child, and making our own way in the world. Really good!

planettreasures said...

thanks! It's good to know that you enjoyed it too. Movies are rarely as good as the book in many ways - they have to condense and tell the story so differently, it's often disappointing.
Thanks for the reading suggestions - I'll add them to my pile!

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