Monday, September 17, 2012

What's your style? Industrial chic or cosy colonial?

Now I am not and interior designer, nor an expert on architectural styles, but last weekend I was lucky enough to stay in 2 totally different places, and it got me thinking.....
What is my style?

Is it the cool modern interiors of the Harbour Rocks Hotel in the Rocks area of downtown Sydney or the grandmotherly comfort of a guest house in the Blue Mountains outside Sydney?

Here is our room at the former -

and some other images from their website -

image courtesy Harbour Rocks Hotel
 The hotel has been sculpted out of heritage listed buildings that are 150 years old. Built on the site of Sydney's first hospital the buildings have most recently been used as workshops and flats.
Their website has some photos of the buildings before they were renovated - quite a job!

image courtesy Harbour Rocks Hotel
I wasn't sure how to describe this style of decor.....Industrial Chic?
And sure enough when I googled it - up popped these images -

image from

image from Bonnie's murals and more
image from twistedsifter

What do you think? Your style or no?

And now for something completely different.....
In complete contrast our accommodation the next night was more cosy, colonial country.
Kurrara Guest House in Katoomba is an one hundred and twenty year old custom-built guest house.
Katoomba has long been a tourist destination due to the amazing scenery and temperate climate so it's not surprising that some enterprising business people built these guest houses.

I must say that I'm not a great fan of tizzy, chintzy places but Kurrara has just the right amount of comfort and period style without being too OTT!

Actually Kurrara falls into the Federation period of architecture, which was the start of an individual Australian style. Typified by verandahs, shingles, gable windows and the use of ausralian motifs.
Kurrara is a very sweet example of this style which is being lovingly refurbished by the present owners, the lovely Evelyn and Iain.

So what's your style when you are looking for accommodation?
Or is price and location your only consideration?


Mel said...

Ooh I love the whole industrial chic look. I don't think I could live with it for long though. I just had a look on ikea's site and they have a section in their september online mag with how to achieve the look.

planettreasures said...

I agree Me, I dont know if I could have the total look, it's great for hotels and restaurants tho' - very "in".
Off to check out the IKea site - I'm due for a trip to IKEA soon ; )

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