Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Look what just popped up! - Wednesday wishes.

Sometimes the loveliest things pop up in my already saved favorites on etsy!

Today I couldn't resist clicking on this sumptious handmade glass cabouchon by dancingfrogjewels.
Designing in my head all the possibilites for it's use!

And even though we actually have spring here now - the elegant simplicity of this scarf caught my eye - or was it the lovely salmon pink?
I could save it for next winter couldn't I?

And the whimsy of this just tickled my fancy!

Who didn't love those "join the dots" books when they were a kid? - or in fact, can't resist doodling when faced with a dotty design?!
I'm sure the artist mummysam understands all those temptations!

What are you temped by today?


lorik said...

I had forgotten all about that! We called it "boxes"- must find someone to play it with (might have to wait until my grandson is older!).

That cabouchon is beautiful. Maybe you should buy it..since it "popped up".

planettreasures said...

Yes, I'd forgotten all about the dotty thing too!
....and stop being such a temptress Lori
; )

smittenkittenorig said...

that cabochon is really beautiful. i'm a yarn girl so i never have known what people do with them but i love looking at them. :) thanks for featuring my infinity scarf. it is a rather pretty color, isn't it? ;)

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