Friday, March 8, 2013

Mais oui! - five fabulous french finds from my faves

For some reason I'm feeling un peu francais!

I would love to park my bike outside these doors - wouldn't you?

vintage bicycle photo by MiriamHamsa
Or wear these tres chic earrings -

french earrings by BeneathGlass

Would I think I was actually in France with this decal on  my wall?

french house rules by UrbanWalls
I'd love to creep around in these comfy shoes -

Paris Toms by Lamaland

And if all else fails I could always get my own tin of french air to breathe!

air from Paris by cooperativ


Clare said...

I agree about parking your bike here . . . how lovely. wonderful finds!

Danielle Hardy said...

Love your choices!! thank you for including our decal :)

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