Friday, March 29, 2013

Five Fabulous Friday Finds From My Faves

It's a very long weekend here - is it at your place too?

I'm not sure what day it is! At first it felt like Sunday, and now it feels like Saturday...I wonder what day it will be come next Tuesday!

Anyway - because it is actually Friday it's time for some faves!

Just look at the gorgeous colours of these stones!
I love natural or rough-cut stones and this simple under-stated necklace is just perfect.

rainbow titanium necklace
Yeah, I know ....I'm always posting photos - well I do like a nice atmospheric snap.
I can just see and hear these flags fluttering in the breeze.
Again a lovely under-stated design - but so much gentleness.

fair penants by sophiebrownehandmade
As jewellery makers myself I'm a bit keen on jewellery storage.
This one is brilliant!
It's an old printers drawer, and I love all the hanging hooks - genius!

jewellery organiser by blackforestcottage
Missy Mao Mao makes the most gorgeous bags.
Some of her latest creations feature a photographic panel. This photo was taken by a Melbourne photographer Esther Freida.
What a fabulous collaboration.

fallen leaves satchel by missymaomao

This furniture shop has chairs to die for! (I would die for a chair? Um, maybe not!)
But have a look - they a scrummy.

patchwork armchair by namedesignstudio
Have a great weekend - whatever length it is!

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