Saturday, March 9, 2013

Saturday Seven - things I have to do

This week is a very personal list of 7.
Do you write "to-do" lists?
How do you go with them? Do you get them ticked off?
Or do you drag them around week after week?

I'm a bit of the drag 'em around type!

1. Get another pair of glasses.
I did have 2 pairs and then I lost one pair - the lovely purple framed pair and now this pair is flaking! Argh - looks ugly.

2. Do something about my living room curtains.
I bought new curtains ages ago and got one window done, but I think I need a new track and hooks for the other window, plus something to hide the top bit where the fluoro lights are.

3. Get ready for 2 big markets in 3 and 4 weeks time.
I have really let my stock slip since Christmas. It's been a time for me to do other things - you know, fiddle with this and that!
But now I need to get into production! Making necklaces and earrings, brooches and tshirts has to be on my agenda.

4. Sort stuff out and get rid of stuff. We are planning on moving next year - downsizing - and having lived here for a bazillion years we have accumulated so much junk. We have to start now I reckon - or we'll never get it done!

5. Do a bit more organising of our trip to Italy in September. I spent a bit of time looking at accomodation and stuff, but probably need to book something, especially in the busy places - Venice and Rome maybe.
All that is sooooo time consuming - but, hey! someone has to do it!

6. Look over the plans for the house we'll be building next year. That is very exciting and very scarey!

7. Get out in the fresh air everyday! It's such a lovely time of year (when it's not raining!)

What's on your to-do list?

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