Friday, March 15, 2013

Off on tangents - my creative space

Sooooo last week I started another beadwoven pendant with a handmade lampwork bead. It was here.
Anyway, I'm pleased to report that this one only took a week to finish! yay, go me!

The reason for this speed-weaving has something to do with hiring 7 dvds this week {more about that tomorrow}.

I also need to make some more necklaces...but did I?
Nope - while I was getting my beads out I spotted a little box of beads that I'd set aside for bracelets...and off I went on a tangent!

Here they are -

Do you ever get distracted, go off on tangents?
I often do - but that is all part of the fun of creating, working for yourself, doing what you want when you want to.
And I never get bored with it!

These little birds and nest necklaces are destined for somewhere special.
I'll tell you more next week!

How is your creative space this week?


Elisabeth Andree said...

So many beautiful beads! I can imagine your little birds and nest necklaces are for someone special to you.

OnePerfectDay said...

These are all great!

Clare said...

Very pretty!

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