Saturday, April 6, 2013

Not chocolate! Saturday Seven

I was going to post this last weekend, when it was Easter, seemed somewhat appropriate!
But I was at a market on Saturday and we had visitors on Sunday...and *poof* the weekend was gone!

How was your Easter? Did you get lots of chocolate?
Mt daughter and I decided we would have a chocolate-free easter this year but unfortunately we forgot to tell my hubby! And we have the most divine chocolariere just down the road at we ended up with just a little!

But it led my to wonder what are some favorite non-chocolate treats?

1. Champagne! Or a nice dry, fragrant rose (wine not the flower!)

2. Handmade soap - especially if it has patchouli in it!
This yummy soap is by one of my favorite soap makers - Inner Earth Soaps

3. Watching a movie at Gold Class: the works - recliner, glass of wine, something to nibble. Now that's the way to see a movie.

4. A decadent danish pastry, from a patisserie that knows how to do these things - with confectioners custard and a tart fruit like cherries or plums - yum!
One of my favorite places is the French Patisserie at The Rocks, or Black Star Pastry in Newtown.

5. Some gourmet little delicacy from a boutique producer - something like the ewe's milk cheese I found last weekend at the Burrawang market. Or a jar of spiced olives direct from the grower. Or some fancy-schmantsy pickle or preserve - you know the kind of thing!

6. A book. A good book. A book that is on my to-read list. Mind you, I have a stack of books as high as my bed to get through right now....but a good book is never wasted.

7. A night at home with my love - when he is not working and I'm not working and we can just sit together. Bliss!

How about you?
What would you choose?
If you decide to blog about this please leave a link to your blog in the comments so I can go and have a look.
Or you can just leave your picks in the comments.
Thanks and have a great weekend - with lots of treats!


tractorgirl said...

My favourite thing is smoked salmon.
And then creme caramel.
Oh yes, a good book.
(or even a good movie!)

planettreasures said...

Oh yes Julie! I was going to say smoked salmon as well - makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

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