Thursday, April 25, 2013

Burn baby burn!

"It's a lovely day" he said, "do you want to do something?"
Me "yes!"
Him "how about a walk to Lost World Lookout?"
Me {with a note of uncertainty} "yeeeees"

I was a little bit uncertain because I know this walk is not for wimps!

But it is a 3 lookout walk...and I felt I needed to test myself - see what I am capable of.

He said he normally does this walk in an hour and a half - I said "better double that for me!"

It starts off nice enough, past Martin' lookout.

Across Glenbrook Creek -

And up the other side.
But we were so disappointed to see that the track, the whole way up had been burnt for a few metres either side : (

Normally this is lovely bush to walk through, there are magnificent stands of xanthoreas (grass trees) and lots of wildflowers a bit later in the season.

this is a view of the lost world lookout
We can only assume this is part of the hazard reduction policy in this area.
And we remembered that St Helena's ridge was burnt a few weeks ago...but why the track up from the creek?

We tried to appreciate the beauty of it - the black trees, the green grassy shoots, the brown leaves...but it was a bit hard.

Oh well, at least the views are nice and the peregrine falcons were there circling up and up in the up-currents.
view from Bunyan Lookout
So apart from the bush being burnt I really, really struggled getting back up to Martin's lookout - legs and lungs were burning too!
A bit more training needs to be done I think.

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ArtNomadix said...

Well walked ....pity about the Burn off

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