Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Glow worm tunnel and a sunset

We went on a little overnight camping trip at the weekend.

First of all we watched the sun set.
From here -

There were hazard reduction burns taking place which made the horizon a bit hazy but may have made the sky redder.

After a lovely night's camp we set off down the old coach road.
In places the descent would have been very exciting! It's quite steep. And would have been a bit of a pull on the way up.

There are some relics from the past.

Lovely forest.

We walked in an anti-clockwise direction around the loop so that we went up the old railway route, which has a much gentler gradient.

We got glimpses into the Wolgan Valley...and then this -

There's a pocket or rainforest before the tunnel with gorgeous treeferns.

The tunnel was part of the railway line which was built in the early 1900's on  to take shale oil out of the valley.
It's damp and uneven underfoot.
And very dark in the middle.
That's where the glow worms are.

It's pretty good.
You need a torch, but if you stand still and turn your torch off - you'll see the glow worms like little stars in the night sky. 

It's amazing country around there.
There rock formations called pagodas

Part of it is the Gardens of Stone National Park and part is the Wollemi wilderness area.

Highly recommended!

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