Saturday, May 18, 2013

7 blogs to read - Saturday Seven

I went to a blogging meeting today.
It was my first one.
It was organised by kidspot.

I noticed my on-line friend Sally from Jambo Chameleon mention it on facebook and I thought "yeah, I need to do something different. Maybe step out of my comfort zone a little. Go meet some other bloggers and see what goes on"

So I did....and I will post all about what happened another time (I'm a tease!)

So I thought for my Saturday Seven today I should blog about some blogs I enjoy reading or browsing. (Do you really read blogs or do you just browse?)

In no particular order -
tractorgirl. A blog about design. Julie manages to find the loveliest, most unusual, most challenging designers. 
(I sometimes advertise on tractorgirl and find Julie is a very supportive and enthusiastic hostess)

74 Lime Lane
I enjoy a lot of the finds that Kellie shares. It is a very generous blog.

Soooo many great finds here. I love the variety that Pip shares all the time. There is always something of interest.

ish & chi
I remember Vivian from her etsy shop Ish and Chi way back! Now she has the most stylish design blog. Lovely to look at.

I'll Think of a title Later
A friend put me on to this one not so long ago.
Her review of 50 shades of whatsit is hilarious.

Earth Apple Jane.
Jane takes the most gorgeous photos and really blogs them as photo essays. Lovely stuff.

Story of My Life
Just found this one as I was on a blog crawl.
Jenni is hosting a blog every day in May challenge - wish I'd heard about it earlier.
Anyway, I like the cut of her jib.

Please feel free to share some blogs that you enjoy reading,or browsing, or trawling.
I'd love to hear from you.

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