Friday, May 10, 2013

Five Fab Friday Finds from my Faves - feeling quirky!

I'm feeling a little whimsical today and quirky seems to fit my mood.
So I thought I'd share some of my more whimsical picks.

This is listed as a toy - but I could so totally adopt it!
How pretty is it?
I love the little pompom roof edging.

soft toy house by handmadebygemmie

I there anything more whimsical than a hot air balloon?
Or just plain crazy!
Have you ever been up in a hot air balloon? I don't think I could.
So this is a great substitute to satisfy my floating away into the blue yonder yearnings.

hot air balloon necklace by ElainaLouiseStudios

I love teapots!
How cool would it be to have your morning cuppa from a teapot like this with its delightful plant illustration?
teapot brooch by melscreativewishes

I just couldn't resist the wistful expression on little mister fox's face.
Oh...and his name is "Owen" - how adorable!
And there are any number of more delightful plushies in this shop.

plush fox, Owen by sleepyking

I think I need to start a collection of cute little houses - like this one.
Shhh, don't tell my hubbie ; )

ceramic beach house by orlydesign
How has your week been?
Are you looking forward to a fabulous weekend?
It's Mother's Day here on Sunday so I'm looking forward to spending the day with my wonderful family.


Gemmie Alliston said...

Very cool, thanks for including my little house cushion :)

Elaina Louise Studios said...

Thanks for featuring one of my hot air balloons.
Elaina Louise Studios

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