Thursday, May 23, 2013

What I got from Voices of 2013 - blogging ideas and tips and other inspirational stuff.

What I gleaned from the keynote speaker at the Voices of 2013 masterclass.

How to make your dreams a reality with Hayley  Bartholemew
1. "Find something that makes your soul sing"
2. Write down your goal
3. Make a start
4. Keep going - persevere
5. You will encounter obstacles but you can overcome them
6. Keep going when it gets hard
7. Love what you do
8. Make it a prioity
9. Sometimes you need to take a break - then keep going.

Sometimes knowing what your goal is or can be is a challenge before you start!
I like the idea of finding something that makes your soul sing.
Don't just follow the crowd.
Don't just do something because it is popular, or you think it will sell or whatever...

Writing down your goal makes it real.

Sometimes starting is the hardest thing.
But you need to take a step - it can be a very small step.....
then you take another step.

You need to make your goal a priority and not get too distracted.
Remember your goal.

There will be obstacles....such as -
lack of skills
lack of equipment
lack of energy
lack of money
shortage of time
other demands upon you

....but chip away at these problems.

You can learn new skills.
You can borrow equipment or make do.
Share your fears.
Rest sometimes if you run out of energy.

But if you keep going you will get there.

What a wonderful inspiring message from this softly spoken woman with an amazing life journey of her own.
And I'm so grateful for receiving what she has to so generously share.

Hayley is an award winning photographer.
She won the viewer's choice award for a short film that she made for an abc tv competition.
You can see that lovely little movie here.
She created the 365 Grateful Project which has touched many lives and has grown like topsy! from hailey bartholomew on Vimeo.

Hayley and her husband have a very successful film, photography and design company you can't be serious and travel the world doing what they love. 

The Voices of 2013 masterclass was organised by the incredibly interesting and diverse Kidspot.

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