Thursday, November 22, 2012

A bit of this 'n that - my creative space

Creating this week has been mainly filling orders from last week's market.

I sold a necklace that I have had for a while. It was an unusual one for me at the moment, as it had a larger silver-set labrodite pendant and moonstone and labrodite drops on a silver chain.
I only put it out on my stall as I had run out of my bright, bold ones.
Anyway the woman who it was meant for came along - and it was love at first sight!

And she wanted earrings to match.
So this is what I came up with -

These 2 cuties are another order for a lady who was (wo)manning the SES stand.

All my coral and howlite necklaces sold, in fact there were 2 ladies almost fighting over 2 of them!
I promised to make a longer version on one for the losing customer and had to order some more beads for it.
I love my bead supplier, they always ship overnight, and always include smarties! How thoughtful!

While I was rummaging in my fabric stash I came across this cutie that I've had for a while and decided today was the day to do something with it.

fabric by auntie cookie
Here is all finished on a light summery singlet.
I think it's cute and wonder why I didn't do it before!

All the other creative spaces are over here - go and have a look!

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