Friday, November 16, 2012

Five Friday Faves

I've been having fun finding some new faves - and revisiting some old faves as well.
Sometimes it's not just the object that I love but maybe the shop name, the way items are photographed, or some colour combination that catches my eye.

This shop has got the best name ever!
The Making of Mrs Bertimus.

little sparrow brooch by Mrs Bertimus

I love the look of up-cycled clothing, the slightly chaotic, higgeldy-piggeldy result, the freedom to be a little bit crazy!

top by Broken Ghost Clothing

The next pick is purely practical - and what stylish practicality in these bags by Bagybag - I do need a bag for my laptop!

laptop bag by Bagybag

I just noticed this fabulous teapot in someone elses faves! Thanks!
I love, love teapots and I love, love handmade pottery - I'm in love!

bloom of lilac teapot by ocpottery.
And talking of love - or maybe obsession.
I can't stop looking at Susannah Tucker's lovely images and these sweet sentiments - who wouldn't love to just float away....


Jana - Broken Ghost Clothing said...

Thanks for featuring my upcycled top:)
Jana - Broken Ghost Clothing

Susannah said...

Thank you! Your blog is gorgeous, thrilled to be included here!

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