Sunday, November 18, 2012

Happened this weekend

What happened this weekend was something that happens a lot of weekends, especially at this time of year.
A market happened!
This one was a lovely little local event called Love Lawson.

Lawson is one of the townships in the Blue Mountains where I live and it is the heart of the mid mountains (Hazelbrookers might disagree!)
The mid mountains community centre is there and so all sorts of community activites radiate out from there.

As per annual festivals there was a lot of fun stuff going on - and being the mountains there was a drumming group!
They are great! I want to join one!

There was a beard and moustache competition!
I love that there was a category for women!

photo from here

In honour of the beard and moustache competition I designed a special tshirt -

Glad to say that it sold and it had lots of admirers.

There were not a lot of stalls but what there were were lovely, like Christine's Millinery.

The massage students from the local TAFE were next to me - wish I'd had time for a free quickie massage.
I discovered that you can book in for a student massage as they need real bodies to practise on. It costs about $25 I think and lasts for an hour - fully supervised.
Sounds great doesn't it?

On my other side were the very lovely Lyn and Sabrina  from Studio Jarnie - they also do massage and all sorts of other therapies and they just had the most delightfully decorated stall.

I won't mention how long it took them to set up - but it was well worth it.
It was so pretty and appealing.

Here is my stall set-up which is purely functional by comparison.

There were other stalls which sadly I didn't get round to photographing and there was great music right behind me.

All in all a great time was had!

How was your weekend?

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