Friday, November 2, 2012

Lists - do you?

 I am a great list maker.
Are you?

I make lists so I don't forget things. My memory isn't what it was.
But also I read once that writing lists is one way of being efficient. That the people who you think remember everything only do so because they have written stuff down.

I write a shopping list (and then usually don't stick to it)

I write a list of my stock in my B & M shop The Nook.

I write a daily to-do list.

And then there are the challenges I'm taking part in - Fat Mum Slim photo a day -

#amonthof #mycreativespace challenge -

We have a camping/bushwalking list of things to take that is kept in the "camping" cupboard.

When I'm at the markets I write a list of things that I've sold.

I have a Christmas card list.

A supplies list -

And so on and so on!

How many lists do you have?
Or do you just have one big list?

Do you write your lists down? Or keep them on your phone or computer?
Do you use a diary or a calendar?

I'd love to hear from you, or pop on over to #amonthof on Facebook and join in.

ps the extremely useful notepads are from forget me not .


Tracey said...

I'm a huge list maker! I make lists for everything! And I mostly hand write them. There is something very therapeutic about putting pen to paper. I'm also very protective of them. I get very upset if my husband writes or doodles on one of my lists! Anal much? Lol

planettreasures said...

haha! Tracey, that is so funny that you are so possessive of your lists, but also glad to find someone else as keen on lists as me - and yes, handwritten too

lynsey said...

I thought I was a big list maker until I saw all of yours, my goodness how do you keep track of them all.
There is some thing about writing a list a checking things off that is so satisfying don't you think?
My boyfriend can't fathom it, but I point out to him that he'd be a whole lot less stressed if he organised his thoughts into a list, does he listen to me? Of course not LOL
I'm still quite old school when it comes to lists, I still like the feel of pen on paper, i think I always will

planettreasures said...

Lynsey, I think Ihave a list in every room of the house! I need a list of where my lists are!
Argh, men never listen to us, even tho we have the best ideas.
And glad to hear that you are another pen and paper girl : )

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