Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bloggy stuff from Voices of 2013

I know there is heaps of advice on the blogosphere about how to, what for and when?
But I just have to share some insights from some of the successful bloggers who were at the masterclass that I went to a couple of weeks ago.
It was put on by Kidspot and I did blog about it here.

The session Blogging 101 was led by the wonderful blog-queen Pip Lincolne. Her partners in crime  blogging were Rebecca Lowry-Boyd of Wee Birdy, Jen Bishop of Interiors Addict and Vivian Mansour of Ish & Chi.

These are some little pearls of wisdom I gathered from their chats.

What attracts readers to a blog?
Beautiful-looking blog. Clean design.
Clear navigation.
Fonts? Not too many different ones.

An eye-catching header.

If you can't or don't want to design your own blog you may need to pay for a website developer.
How to find one?
See a blog that you like the look of? Ask them if they used a professional developer?

 Quality content - research.
                          - explore
                          - get away from the computer!

What to blog about?
Post original content.

Be yourself.
Be true to yourself.
Do your own thing (don't be a copycat)

Stay humble.

Blog with passion and enthusiasm.

How do you attract followers?

Reach out to people.
Comment on other blogs.
Have a conversation with people.
Build up networks.

Use social media to increase your blog traffic.
- pinterest
- facebook
- twitter
- instagram

What about SEO?

Do you choose "killer headlines" or opt for more descriptive titles?
Make it easy for people to find your posts by not be too clever-clever with your titles.

What blogs do you admire?

The Design Files 

Hair Romance

Potty Mouth Mama

52 suburbs

in out

I'm sure there was lots more - but that is all I can glean from my notes!

Have a great week.

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