Friday, June 21, 2013

New supplies and inspiration - My creative space

It's always fun and inspiring to get new supplies!
Last weekend I went to the Craft and Quilt Show in Sydney and was thrilled that my favorite Venetian bead supplier was there.
She sells some of my very favorite beads - they are beautiful quality...not cheap. And not cheap imitations either!

I like to just make some simple earrings with them - to let their beauty take centre stage.

I've also been playing with the pendants that I showed you last week  that I bought from Beadfreaky on etsy.

I used a design idea by Sarah Kandell-Gritzmaker from Stringing magazine substituting what I had for bits I didn't have.
I used the loop bits from some fob or toggle clasps and took apart a necklace that had a green pendant with malachite beads (unsold, unloved!) for the back of the necklace.

I have many more ideas...but they will have to wait for another time....

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Christie said...

Beautiful creations!

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