Friday, June 14, 2013

Turning necklaces into something else - a bit of remodelling - My Creative Space.

Sometimes things don't find a nice new loving home.
Sad but true : (
I have a few of those things hanging around at the moment.

Luckily most jewellery creations can be remodelled/recycled/refreshed, whatever!

So I got out my box of has-beens and took a fresh look at them.
What could I do?

I really like the ceramic beads in this necklace but they just didn't really work as a plain mid-length necklace.

I recently bought this lovely handmade ceramic pendants from Beadfreaky.
With nothing specific in mind - I just liked them!
But, hey! How would the goddess face go with the ceramic beads from the simple necklace?

Combined with some blue/pink faceted crackle agate beads (very unusual beads) and some black agate for contrast.

Spurred on by this I decided to have a look at some other necklaces that need a bit of remodelling.
This was a longish necklace with a chunky graphic jasper pendant.

Still in the memory wire, bracelet making mode - it became a warm-tone wrap around bracelet.
Lovely colours for autumn or winter.

I didn't take a photo of this before I hacked into it!
It was just a plain, long necklace - pearls, citrine and new jade...very lovey I thought - but it went unloved, unwanted.
Perhaps it makes a prettier wrap bracelet?

This necklace I made when I has a goddess themed market a few years back.
Asymmetric and a bit quirky - I know what you are's flippin' ugly!
What was I thinking?!

Now it's a chunky memory wire bracelet - lovely warm autumn colours, perfect to go with winter outfits.

That's about it for this week folks!

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lynsey said...

These re-modellings are great, love them

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