Sunday, June 30, 2013

I've been to Canberra, Canberra, Canberra ACT*

Seven great reasons to visit Canberra - even in winter!

1. National Gallery of Australia.
At the moment Turner from the Tate is on - a fabulous exhibition of over 100 of Turner's works, paintings plus sketches. Fascinating! But then I'm biased, I'm a huge Turner fan.
Never heard of him?
Here's something he did -

Alnick Castle
Also there is a pretty good permanent collection as well as special exhibitions.

2. National Portrait Gallery.
This is surprisingly fascinating.
I wasn't sure that I'd be that interested in portraits, but there is such a wide variety - of subjects and styles and the bios are fascinating.
This time there was a special exhibition about Paul Kelly and a really lovely one about Hilda Rix Nicholas, who I'd never heard of before. She led an amazing life and was such a talented and dedicated artist - it's a wonder that she's not better known.

La Robe Chinoise
Check her out here.

Plus there is a great cafe here! (Try the Persian Love cake)

3. National Museum of Australia
It's a fabulously curated museum.
The layout is a little confusing as it's set out in partial spirals - kind of. Anyway there was one bit I could see but couldn't get to - a bit like Alice in the garden of flowers!

4. Eating and drinking.
And why not!
There are great places to eat (and drink) everywhere.
We often stay in Dickson where you can walk to a dozen or more restaurants. This seems to be an enclave of asian cuisine.

I know Manuka also has a lot of places to eat, as does the city centre.
Plus for lunch all the museums and galleries have good cafes (did I already mention that?)

5. Driving around.
Driving around Canberra is interesting because we inevitably get lost and more often that not end up in a carpark! But maybe that's just us.
A drive around Yarralumla where many of the foreign embassies are is interesting, or drive around the lake (if its fine there is a bike track right around Lake Burley Griffin).
It's interesting to look at the somewhat dated architecture of some of the suburbs.

6. Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex - out at Tidbinbilla about 45 minutes drive from the city. Great visitor's centre with lots of spacey stuff.

photo from here
Also the nearby Tidbinbilla nature reserve has a variety of bushwalks and quite a pleasant drive.

7. Telstra Tower on Black Mountain. If it's a clear day you get a great view from the top. You can drive up or there are lots of walks around the mountain and bike tracks too.

I have also visited the National Sound and film Archive which was less than impressive but is in a nice old building and had a good cafe (of course).

Previously I've been to Questacon - great with kids.
The Australian Institute of Sport - also great with kids.
Parliament House - well worth a visit.
Australian War Memorial - more interesting than you can imagine.

Have you been to Canberra?
What is your favorite thing to do there?

*sung to the tune of Graceland (and you have to pronounce Canberra as "canbra")

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EarthAppleJane said...

You had a whole lotta fun in Canbra Canbra Canbra didn't you Tess! Adore the Knife man and that Persian love cake sounds fascinating! Thanks for sharing the love...Jane :)

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