Saturday, June 29, 2013

Out and about in - Canberra

Why would you go to Canberra at this time of year?
That's what we asked....but that's when the exhibition "Turner from the Tate" is on at the National Gallery (and Mr planet conveniently has a meeting to attend).

Of course you can't take photos inside the gallery and this is what it looked like outside in the sculpture garden -


And talking of sculptures - I found some treasures on my way from the Film and Sound Archives down to the National Museum of Australia....a sculpture park near Lake Burley Griffin just below Old Canberra house -

 I couldn't find any information about this one, but it looks like something from the outback - a termite's mound maybe?

 Spirit Levels by Christine O'Louglin
I really love site-appropriate installations like this - it has a sense of the absurd too!

 Common Food by Anne Rochette
Lovely stone donuts embellished with seeds I think - big enough to sit on.

 Ngaraka: shrine for the lost Koori by Djon Mundine.
Although this looks like a fragile wooden structure it made from metal that has rusted to a wonderful tone. Underneath are kangaroo bones - but the symolism is clear.

Old Canberra House a heritage listed building.

- and here's one I prepared earlier! On another visit, when the sun was shining, unlike this time!

Witness by Dadang Christanto

I have some more to say about Canberra but that will have to wait....

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Bron said...

Have never been to Canberra just through it....this looks like a fascinating place to have visited though. x

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