Friday, November 22, 2013

Mel Jones and her fabulous Pochoir Art - Friday Friend

.....and now for something completely different!

Pochoir art!
"What is that?" I hear you ask.
I'll just let talented pochoir artist Mel Jones explain it to you.

Who are you and what do you do?
I’m Mel Jones, and I paint using a hand cut stencil technique that the French call Pochoir. I draw and cut all of my own stencils and create my art works as single stencil paintings, or multiple stencil paintings. I may use the stencils to create one to four different paintings, then I retire the stencil and create a new art work.

In between my stencil creating and painting, I also make recycled book journals from a wide range of antique to second hand books with recycled blank paper inside. They are great as diaries, art or inspiration journals or drawing books. They also make great gifts for all ages especially children.

Who or what inspire you?
I am inspired the most by Monet, and Margaret Preston. Although I find inspiration in a lot of local and modern art, and I also love social media like ‘Pinterest’ and the creative flow of art, craft, architecture and even food.

Your signature or favourite item.
I love to create large paintings, but to create a large stencil painting, 4 of 5 feet tall and 3 or 4 feet wide takes me months of preparation and hard work. Because of the amount of time I can only create one or two per year, and they always create interest.

What do you most enjoy doing?  
Painting, painting, painting, I would paint all day every day if I could!

What you would rather be doing?
Painting painting painting need I say more.


Where you see yourself in 5 years time?
I would like to only have to work part time so I can paint more.
How did you start along this road?
Desperation after my son turned 18 months old to do something arty!
Previously I had painted for many years with oil paints, but being toxic I had boxed them up and I wasn’t willing to get them out with a small child around.
So I went to an art class and learned about stencilling, I was immediately inspired by the technique and thrilled that I could use non toxic paints.
I haven’t stopped since - developing my own technique and style that reflects my vision of the Australian landscape.

5 words of advice for others.

Start small and inexpensive
Make sure you can pack it away and unpack it again to keep out of the kids reach – plastic lidded tubs are awesome!
If creating your own stencils for painting, start A5 size, this way you can finish it on a day to see the result
Be kind to yourself and your first efforts, remember you’re just starting out!
Turning your art works into gifts or cards for relatives at Christmas time is a wonderful gift to give anyone!

Anything else you'd like to add.
I'm teaching at Sturt in the Southern Highlands in January 2014. For more information please visit  but be quick as the workshop is nearly full.
You can find my work at The Nook Leura.

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