Monday, November 4, 2013

Setting up a Packaging Station. How I did it.

I was inspired this week by a post on the Beading Daily blog about reorganising your studio by Anne Vaughan.
There were a few ideas that I could apply to my smaller scale operation but the one that really resonated with me was the packing space.

I don't have a lot of on-line sales, so I'd never bothered to set up my packaging supplies in an efficient manner.

Even though I've been selling on-line for a few years now! - I know I'm a slow learner.
I had tissue paper in one spot, bubble wrap under my work desk, sticky tape, labels, pretty supplies in another corner, envelopes and boxes in the cupboard, business cards and customs declaration in another spot!

How did I do it for so long?

So today I gathered everything together.
This unit was going to be my lampwork spot, but I'm not doing much of that at the moment.
Unfortunately it is the first thing inside the door, so it becomes a dumping ground for anything I can't be bothered putting away, or half-finished projects etc.

Now I still have my glassy bits there and all my packaging supplies apart from the boxes (which I only seem to need once in a blue moon these days - is that due to the exhorbitant postal rates I wonder?)
I'm only using one of the drawers - so there is room for more efficiency!

How do you organise your packing supplies?
I realise I am lucky that I have a whole workroom to myself.
So how do you manage with limited space?
Please share how you do it!

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