Saturday, November 2, 2013

My Creative Space - going bonkers for bracelets!

I found my mojo! Hurray!
There's nothing like the looming summer markets and festivals to stir one into action is there?

And it's summer!
Which means it's great weather for wearing sleeveless or short-sleeved frocks.
And what do you need to go with said sleeveless frocks?

Why! a bracelet of course.

So I have been busily getting my beads out and so far I have made 25 bracelets - I can't seem to stop.
My many treasures bracelets are also a great way for me to use up some of the beads that will never become earrings *sob* or climb to the lofty heights of a necklace but they meet up with their buddies in a bracelet.

I also made some quite summery necklaces -

What next?
Perhaps I should make some earrings - or some button studs - or ....some more bracelets, hehe!

1 comment:

Kerri Gravina said...

I'm glad you got your mojo back, those bracelets are really lovely.

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